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U rban Monument  Project Example

Koburg Monument, Laval Place, Mettmann, Germany, 2000

In May 1999 the city council of Mettmann announced an open competition for the design of a monument in memory of prisoners mistreated and killed in Koburg and Mettmann, of Jewish fellow citizens who died in the concentration camps and of those tortured for political and religious reasons in the Nazi period 1933 - 1945. The proposed location, Laval Platz, is a new urban space created by post war rebuilding in mediaeval Mettmann. By means of three vistas, it links the Evangelical and Catholic churches with Bismarkstrasse which leads to Mettmann's town hall. The winning design by Don O'Neill, as shown in the competition design photomontage below right, addresses this urban design monumental terms with a 5.5m high steel construction symbolising three prison gates, each with its own plaque in memory of the three groups of victims. The finished monument, shown in the views left and below left, was unveiled by Mayor Nowodworski on 13.04.2000.

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