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Urban Design  Project Example

Market Square, Pelletstown, Dublin, 2001

The site at Pelletstown consists of over 40 hectares and is one of the last undeveloped pieces of land of this size within the city boundary. Working close with the Dublin Corporation planning department and the owners of the land, Castlethorn Construction and Ballymore Homes, O'Neill Consulting provided urban design services to O'Mahoney Pike architects to develope a master plan for a sustainable community. The plan calls for two new urban centres and a population of 8,000 - 10,000.
O'Neill Consulting provided the urban design services on the urban centre near the Ashtown Station end of the site. Densities well in excess of those prevailing in the area were tested and approved in pricipal by the planning department - a floor area ratio in excess of 1:2 around the market square with mixed residential, commercial and leasure uses focused on the adjoining Royal Canal.

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