Land Use and Master Planning, 2007 - 2008

Master Plans, Co. Tipperary, Ireland  

O'Neill Consulting were employed to provide master plans and financial analyses of land zoned commercial, industrial and residential around Nenagh, Co. Tipperary. The master plans shown left were prepared by O'Neill Consulting working in close consultation with developer clients and the Urban District of Nenagh planning officials. The plans were taken to an advanced stage to enable the carrying out of detailed cost benefit studies of various options by Dr. Barbara Stelzer-O'Neill, Financial Economist, O'Neill Consulting. The total area planned and studied was 176 acres within the Nenagh town boundary in separate blocks for an out of town developer and a group of local owners. ONC Partner, Don O'Neill, employed procedures for preparing, analysing and adressing the viability of such plans which were developed and refined while working in the 1980s as a Divisional Director of one of the largest UK architectural firms, DY Davies, London & Belfast, and in the early 1990's setting up the Business Parks Division of Agiplan AG, Dusseldorf. He has continued to act as an independent planning consultant to Agiplan and other clients since founding O'Neill Consulting in 1996. The method of financial analysis used by ONC is based on first establishing what would be a sustainable development, costing it and projecting revenue flows on a long term basis.

Nenagh Masterplans 4&5 c.66 acres on either side of Dublin Road 1km from centre of Nenagh

Nenagh Masterplan B,
c.110 acres along south side of N52 Bypass

Nenagh Masterplan B, Sketch perspective of ONC office park proposal