Energy upgrades,
architectural design and planning
, 2008 - 2009

House Refurbs & Extensions , Ireland

O'Neill Consulting have been employed increasingly often in recent times to address the needs of the owners of existing homes around Ireland. These are owners who are happy with their locations but concerned by obsolescence in the building fabric of their houses from an energy saving viewpoint and with obsolete arrangements of the interior spaces and their ability to aadapt to changing family needs.
O'Neill Consulting has developed procedures for analysing and addressing the energy efficiency of houses built at different times. The four homes illustrated here were built between 1930 and 2000 and suffered from similar problems of obsolescence in energy conservation and space planning. ONC studied various options for energy upgrade and planning solutions involving both extension and conversion. Working in close consultation with the local County Council's planners two of the schemes illustrated here were granted full planning approval and two have recently been approved in principle in pre-planning meetings with the planners. The older parts of the houses have been fully re-insulated and the heating systems upgraded where necessary. The highly insulated extensions add to energy efficiency by employing mainly south facing windows to optimise passive solar gain in all cases.

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1930's house near Thurles

1940's house near Dromineer

1970's house in Limerick

1990's house near Dromineer