Architectural design and project management, 2009-

Villa Refurbishment, near Nice, France

O'Neill Consulting was employed earlier this year to prepare plans for the refurbishment of a villa near Nice, France, for an Irish client wishing to make it his residence. While the owner was very happy with the location and views (see picture, left) the expense of realising the existing planning permission which involved almost complete demolition and rebuilding of the still sound 1950s structure was considered prohibitive. ONC developed alternative refurbishment plans in consultation with the local planning department and agreed innovative ways to solve the obsolete interior planning and engineering from which the house suffered and fully modernise it without destruction of the original character (see before and after plans and sections, left).
O'Neill Consulting was appointed by the client to assist in finding contractors and managing the project. ONC assembled a consultant team drawing on well tried and trusted contacts known from the ONC Dusseldorf office and a German contractor with a base in Nice. Work is proceeding on site and progress can be monitored by viewing project progress above.

Existing upper floor plan

Replanned upper floor plan

Existing lower floor plan and section

Replanned lower floor plan and section

View from existing balcony

View of existing house