Evaluations, Company Analysis, Financial Planning




  • Financial Evaluation of Property Developments - Development Companies, Property Owners

  • Evaluations of 6 Microfinance Banks / Institutions in Georgia, Ukraine, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovinia and Moldovia - with the Evaluation Unit of the EBRD

  • Senior Advisor to the Agricultural Bank of Azerbaijan - Europeaid

  • KfW managed Credit Line on behalf of the Ministery for Cooperation and Economic Development (BMZ)

Recent Project Consultancy 


  • Corporate Investment Analysis -
    Capital Budgeting  

  • Company Performance
    Case Studies of company performance

  • Balance Sheet Assessment

  • Industrial Performance. -
    Financial benchmarks for companies

Corporate Finance for Financial Institutions

  • Equity Portfolio and Corporate Performance for Investment Funds

  • Portfolio Analysis for Financial Institutions and Investment Funds

  • Risk Analysis - Companies and Industries - for Financial Institutions and Investment Funds

  • Portfolio Construction for Investment Funds and Privatisation Funds in Eastern Europe

Corporate Finance